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WEDDING FILM: Celebrating Love and Joy

This category is open to International and US base filmmakers who have created films that capture the beauty, emotion, and love of weddings. Whether presenting a concise 3-7 minute highlight, a comprehensive long-form wedding video, a destination wedding, or a same-day edit (SDE), we embrace a diverse range of films that exude the joy and beauty inherent in weddings. Entries can be in any language, as long as English subtitles are provided if the original language is not English. The films should align with the festival’s overarching theme of “Valuing the importance of the sanctity of marriage,” promoting a positive and joyful atmosphere. Filmmakers submitting to this category must ensure that they have the necessary rights to exhibit the film and that all music and other copyrighted material used in the film has been properly cleared. The festival reserves the right to use clips, images, and other promotional material from submitted films for festival-related promotions, including but not limited to trailers, posters, and social media.

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